What We Do


We take your label and apply them to our products giving you the freedom to focus on building your brand and expanding sales versus the costly and time-consuming efforts of producing the actual products. Your products are made in GMP facilities so you can rest assured quality and constancy every time you place an order with us.




Most manufacturing companies require large order minimums or greatly increase the price per item if they do agree to produce a small run. EP&A understands businesses need time to grow and will work with you from the start without requiring large orders. We have great turnaround time and can handle the smallest order to the largest order giving both equal attention.



Our designers can take your brand concept and turn it into a creative and functioning label for your products. If you already have labels we can print them on stain resistance paper.

A Few Words About Us

EP&A helps food companies take their products to the next level with production. We specialize in food production that meets GMP standards. Scaling your business from small to large is what EP&A excels in. We take over all aspects of this process letting you focus on getting sales and not worrying about producing your own products.

EP&A focuses on natural food items and natural sunscreen products.