Vegan D3 Vitamins

Let us create your very own brand of the first ever non-animal derived vegan D3 vitamins!

Our Price Includes:

  • D3 Gummies, 1000IU per gummy, 6o gummies per jar
  • D3 Spray Bottle, 200IU per spray, 30 day supply

D3 Vitamin Types:

  • D3 in Gummy Form
  • D3 in Spray Bottle Form

Most D3 vitamins on the market contain sheep’s wool which many consumers avoid. Our Vitamin D3 is sourced from Lichen, a plant-like moss from the ocean. This is the only non-animal vitamin D3 which provides all the same health benefits of standard Vitamin D3 that is sourced from plants.

Be amongst one of the first companies to provide a vegan and healthy alternative to all of the other D3 synthetic vitamins in the market.

For more information email: or call: (949) 791-7717sprayd3-gummy-22

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