Private Labeled Coconut Oil

Let us create your very own brand of coconut oil!

Our Price Includes:

  • 16oz or 24oz jars in PET or glass
  • Lid with heat sealed foam liner
  • Application of labels to jar
  • Case packing into boxes
  • Palletization

Coconut Oil Types:

  • Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 100% Pure Coconut Oil (76 Degree) RBD

Our Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut harvested from the coconut palm. Because of extra virgin coconut oils amazing stability to heat and its slow oxidation make it highly resistant to rancidity and has a shelf life of more then two years. Extra virgin coconut oil is not refined so the oil will have an odor and taste normally associated with coconuts.

Our more affordable and aggressively priced is the 100% Pure Coconut Oil (76 degree) RBD. Refined, bleached and deodorized oil is expeller pressed extracted from the actual coconut. Rich in medium chain fatty acids this oil works great as a food ingredient and also a beauty care item that you can apply directly to the skin. Unlike Extra Virgin Coconut Oil this oil is refined and has virtually no odor or flavor which makes it a more suitable choice for cooking and personal care products were taste and odor could be an issue.

For more information email: or call: (949) 791-7717

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